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Student Counsellor/Volunteer Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from our student counsellors

My experience of being a student counsellor and volunteer at the Just Talk Campaign has been simply fantastic. I have been so privileged to be welcomed into a warm and friendly team who have taught me so much and supported me in many ways throughout my training. The charity itself is an amazing and much needed resource in the community; saving and changing lives. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Wonderful people and a great cause.

Natalie Wiggins, student at University of Suffolk, Ipswich

The Just Talk Campaign is a charity that has been set up to provide low cost counselling to the locals and is growing rapidly. The Just Talk Campaign has been of immense help and support since I was offered a much needed placement. I have gained huge experience to back up theories since I started my placement with Just Talk. The managers have been supportive, accommodating and caring.
The atmosphere at Just Talk Campaign is conducive both for the clients and the counsellors to grow. I am proud to be part of Just Talk Campaign. Thank you Glenda and Sharon, for starting the Just Talk Campaign which is offering opportunity to both low income clients and student counsellors.

Caroline Robinson, student at West Suffolk College, Bury St Edmunds

Since starting my placement at The Just Talk Campaign, I have felt that my independence as a counsellor has been nurtured and supported. There is always someone to talk to if I need help or a bit of advice, and everyone is kept informed about events and other news, which really makes you feel a part of The Just Talk team right from the start.

Paige McCormick, student at Redbridge Institute of Adult Education, Essex

It was with a slight sense of trepidation that I started my counselling placement at The Just Talk Campaign in Sudbury. Having previously worked for a drug and alcohol charity, and found the staff to be less than supportive; I hoped that my experience at my new placement would be different.
Very quickly I was put at ease. The Founder, Glenda D Roberts and manager, Sharon Kendall could not have been more welcoming, and their strong emphasis on team work allayed any fears I might have had.
The Just Talk Campaign offers a very friendly and nurturing environment in which to work. The client base is largely made up of local people who have chosen to enter into counselling; not people who have been forced to be there.
My placement is now in full swing, and I feel very lucky to be part of this charity. The atmosphere encourages growth, both for counsellor and client alike. I would highly recommend Just Talk to future students.

Kevin Ellis student at University of Suffolk, Ipswich