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World Mental Health Day 10th October 2018

On the 10th of October 2018 it is World Mental Health Day.

Various events are held around the world to help raise awareness of World Mental Health Day, (Emotional WellBeing) The overall objective of this day, is to raise awareness of Mental Health Issues and mobilizing efforts in support of better Mental Health, The Just Talk Campaign are doing their bit in the community of Sudbury Suffolk to raise awareness and help people to gain a better understanding of their own issues.

We are able to give talks to Schools, Colleges, universities, Churches and the workplace.

Please contact our Public Relations Dept at: 

If you need support we have trainee counsellors available to see you and we can book you in for a personal session.  The  ‘Just Talk Campaign’ offers free drop in sessions  once a month and also offers individual counselling with a Student Counsellor for a reduced rate of £5. To read more about Just Talk Campaign and to see our drop in dates please read more.

If you are in crisis please visit your local GP, Accident or Emergency or call the Police for your local Crisis team’s details.
Suffolk Crisis Team: 0300 123 1334.  Samaritans 24/7 helpline: Telephone 116 123