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The BACP to visit the Just Talk Campaign in Sudbury Suffolk.

The BACP- British Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy  soon to visit the Just Talk Campaign in Sudbury Suffolk Monday 21st January 2019

We have been very busy creating a new home for the Just Talk Campaign, our governing body the BACP will be visiting us on Monday 21 January 2019 to interview us, talk to you our clients and our wonderful team about our new concept service shop and counselling café!

Would you like to be involved? then please contact us here: to find out more details.

For those of you who are not yet up to speed,  our recent move to The Borehamgate Shopping Precinct in Sudbury We have created the first of it’s kind!  A service shop and counselling café,  the idea of the service shop is to create an inviting space, so that people age 18 plus can pop into our shop to make an appointment, to have a counselling assessment.  The assessment will then take place with  qualified counsellor, who will assess the clients suitability to see a trainee counsellor.  Clients are advised that this process could take a few months whilst a trainee prepares.  Clients are also given the choice during the assessment, if  they  would like to engage in therapy. In  our confidential counselling café or a private room. It is totally the clients choice.  Clients will be made aware of respecting confidentiality and will be offered  a soft drink, tea/coffee for a small donation to be made for this service.

Please see our gallery to view our service shop and counselling café. CLICK HERE