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My BLOG by Carrie Parkin

When you meet a group of people with so much passion for what they do, it really does make you smile and feel fuzzy inside!

That’s what I have recently experienced when I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Sudbury, Suffolk based charity, the Just Talk Campaign.

By chance a mutual friend of the charity expressed an interested in my business and thought it could be a good match for me to get involved. I met with the Trustees of the Charity, Charlotte, Glenda and Sharon and hit it off with them instantly! I offered my Virtual Assistant Services and volunteered! It feels good to be apart of something bigger.

Sharon and Glenda from ExploringU counselling used their expertise to set up the Just Talk Campaign, when several suicides took place in and around the Sudbury area and they saw a need to offer support and help to the community. What Just Talk offers is affordable access to counselling services with trainee counsellors at the current Just Talk Campaign headquarters. I say ‘current’ as last week Glenda shared the good news with the volunteers that they had secured new, bigger premises at the Boreham Gate Precinct which will boast space so that clients seeking counselling can indulged in a beverage in a space designed especially for confidential counselling to take place,  administration offices, their own shop,  and more! At this time, I do not know when the charity will be moving into their new place, but what I do know is that everyone is very excited, volunteers have been pitching in with cleaning the new space and preparing for the charity to grow and offer even more people in need of their help. So watch this space for news on this!

From the little time I have spend in the Just Talk office, I can already tell that they have a team of dedicated, committed and talented volunteers and counsellors, that give 100% to helping the charity expand, grow and reach as many people as they possibly can. They organised a quiz night that took place on Friday 19th October 2018, that was a massive success! It was run and hosted by the volunteers and organised in the main, by a volunteer family, called the Whiting’s,  Glenda  met Christine Whiting in the summer of 2018 when she was asking businesses in Sudbury for support, Christine from The Ipswich Building Society decided that she would give up one hour per week to volunteer with The Just Talk Campaign, from there the quiz night was born.   It was a particularly good evening for me as the team I entered, Tequila Mockingbird…. WON!

Local businesses played a big part in the success of the quiz night too as many donated prizes to be auctioned or raffled.

I want to give each one of them a shout out and big thank you for their support – so here goes!

Business                                            Donation                                                              Contact Details

Hopsters                                            Hopsters Hamper                                       Branches in Ipswich & Chelmsford

The North Street Tavern                2 Bottles of white wine                              

Black Hanger Clothing                    Gift Voucher                                               

Jamie’s Meat Inn                             Free Breakfast Pack                                   

Polyspiral                                          Bottle of Vodka                                          

Mutual Advantage                          Bottle of Vodka                                          

Michelle Ranson Artist                  Donation of Nibbles                                  

Virtually Balanced                           Donation of Nibbles & 3 bottles wine 

Turkish Barbers                               Gift Voucher                                              

Station Road Car Wash                   1 Free Car Wash Voucher                                        Station Road, Sudbury

Rainbow House                                Voucher – Gift                                            

Shear Genius                                    Hairdressing Gift Set/Voucher                              

Strawberry Tearoom                       Tea Voucher                                                

21 North Street                                Voucher                                                       

Sunflower                                          Plant & Donation                                  

Lavenham Priory                              £295 Weekend Stay                                  

White Diamond                               Voucher                                                       

Weston’s Bakery                              Voucher                                                       

The Works                                         Books                                                           

Prado Lounge                                   Voucher                                                       

Bridge Project                                   Prize Pack                                                    

Stag & Doe                                        Necklace                                                      

Weavers Tap                                     Voucher                                                       

Ian Kendall                                        Bottle of Wine                                                     Just Talk Supporter

David’s Restaurant                          2 Bottles of Red Wine                               

Patrick Lowman PR                         Free Press Release                                    

Jago Roberts-Coyne                        Bootle of Sherry                                                   Just Talk Supporter

Institute Club (Sudbury)                Hamper of Wine                                        

Mandy                                               Necklace & Bracelet                                   

In excess of £1300 was raised on the night! What an outstanding amount of money for the charity. The good news doesn’t stop there though, because Sudbury matched the sum! I know everyone involved are thrilled at the support received.

The Just Talk Campaign do some amazing work in the local community, working with people in need of mental health assistance/ emotional wellbeing support. From as little as £5 per session, you can have access to this confidential service. All students are (BACP) members, British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, Clients are assessed by trained experienced counsellors. Follow these links for direct access to more information.

A message from Just Talk…

Do you feel alone, unheard or need someone to talk to?

Just Talk want you to know that we are here for you and that you are not alone.

Glenda Roberts, who runs the ExploringU Centre for well-being in Sudbury, set up “Just Talk”, a drop-in session at the end of each month, which is open to all age groups and is free of charge.

It is a place where anyone can come along and get the help and support you need and discuss anything that is concerning you in a safe and confidential environment. Just Talk Campaign also offers Individual Counselling with a Trainee Counsellor on Placement.



0330 120 0279

I have already mentioned the great sense of community within Just Talk. They share the moto “Ubuntu”.

Which essentially is an “ideal for life in community. When we provide a safe space for one another, when we encourage one another, when we find space to collaborate – we create community, better yet – Ubuntu”.

Taken from the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation website

Well done to the Just Talk Campaign Team and thank you to all that attended the quiz night and to those businesses that were kind enough and able to donate something. I know it is hard to make donations sometimes because everyone is asking for them. But Just Talk are incredibly thankful and your support means the difference between saving and changing lives in our local community.

If you would like more information, would like to volunteer or have any questions, please do message me and I can put you in touch with the team or you can make contact yourself directly via the links above.




Written by Carrie Parkin from Virtually Balanced