We currently have placements available for  student counsellors, please send us your CV info@justtalkcampaign.co.uk

We are currently looking for students to be on placement with Just Talk Campaign  HQ Unit 8 Borehamgate Shopping Precinct Sudbury to help support our Campaign Just Talk and to provide counselling for anyone that needs it. Just Talk Campaign is doing very well and our placement students are helping many people.

All students are supervised by experienced members of their governing body.

We have 10 - 20 student counsellors on placement with us.

We have a  list of our Approved Supervisors  who are available to offer peer or individual supervision.

Universities and Colleges

We allow Students Counsellors to have a placement with us whilst they complete their studies. We are only offering this at The Just Talk Campaign HQ Unit 8 Borehamgate Shopping Precinct  Sudbury, Suffolk

Our placement manger is Mrs Sharon Kendall, who heads up the student placement department.

Please read The Student Placement  Just Talk Campaign Application Protocol before applying for a placement with us.

Please click here Protocol students website 2019

If you are interested please contact us at info@justtalkcampaign.co.uk