london Rapper Reverent Supports the Just Talk Campaign

London Rapper Reverent Is a deep thinker with a strong social conscience and lyrical aptitude.

What struck me most about our interview was his courage, which inspired him to openly discuss regularly smoking Cannabis, becoming mentally unwell and undergoing psychiatric treatment

Reverent really wants to make a difference…… to do what he can to improve the odds for people struggling with the same issues that he overcame, by sharing his story, highlighting what didn’t help him, what did help him and what would have helped him, so at the very least, people who suffer negative reactions to habitual Cannabis use, and who cannot assess consistent psychotherapy to treat the very significant psychological element of mental illness, will have wider and better options than he did.

When unwell Reverent requested psychotherapy, but he was cut off when he arrived fifteen minutes late for an appointment.

“When you can’t get out of bed because your mind is so polluted”

“The system seemed to want you to cut yourself.” Reverent.”

Reverent has chosen to support the Just Talk Campaign with his lyricism and artistry because he knows that when he was intensely vulnerable, he needed consistent counselling, and our health service failed to provide it. He knows that counselling is fundamentally empowering and that the Just Talk Campaign are breaking new ground in the field, by providing a hugely accessible, affordable service to all those that want it.

Reverent closed our conversation with these words: “I feel obligated to help people. You can flip it around and life can be beautiful.”

Blessings and best wishes to Reverent and the Just Talk Campaign.


J. Selah