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Just Talk Campaign is now a Registered Charity!

Just Talk Campaign has recently received some very exciting news. Our application to become a charity has been accepted and as a result we have been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1175216.

This is brilliant news as it means we can continue our work with helping and supporting the community. However we still need funds and donations to help us keep running. You can read our Donation Page information to find out how you can donate to Just Talk Campaign.

One of our Young Ambassadors, Jago, is going to be raising money for Just Talk Campaign next year (Summer 2018) by doing aeroplane acrobatics and a wing walk. (Being on the planes wing whilst it is flying.) One of our Trustee’s Sharon Kendall is also going to be wing walking. This is very scary and they are very brave, but they both hope to raise a lot of money for Just Talk Campaign to help fund it’s running costs.

They need to raise a minimum of £400 as this is what it costs to hire the plane and fly. We have many ways you can donate to Just Talk Campaign, please visit our Donation page here. Or donate here:

Any donations no matter how big or small are very helpful and we are extremely grateful for any received.