Just Talk Campaign

Just Talk Campaign is Celebrating a Year

Just Talk Campaign is celebrating a year of helping the community.

It has been an amazing year for Just Talk Campaign; with monthly drop in sessions, individual counselling starting, featuring in the local press, many fundraising events, filming a kick-starter film and of course becoming a registered charity.

On Saturday the 26th November 2016 Just Talk Campaign held its first drop in session. Since then there has been a drop in session once a month, every month, allowing the local community to come and talk freely about any issue they may have in a safe and confidential environment. Just Talk Campaign also started offering Individual Counselling to anyone who required additional support with a reduced fee of £5 with a Student Counsellor.

To help raise awareness of Just Talk Campaign, it has featured in newspaper articles, and a radio interview. You can read about our press articles here. Alongside being in the press Just Talk Campaign has also attended Fundraising events to let the local community there is help and support available as well as receiving money to help keep Just Talk Campaign running. If you would like to donate please see our Donation page.

Glenda Roberts, the founder of Just Talk Campaign, has recently started a monthly Podcast series called Emotional Wellbeing Life and discusses Emotional Wellbeing and how to manage yours. The Podcasts are free to listen to and download. Jayne Nelson, a nutritional therapist, will be featuring on the series in December 2017’s episode, and hopefully more guests will feature as the show progresses. If you are interested in featuring or to listen to the Podcasts please check out the Podcast show’s website: www.emotionalwellbeinglife.co.uk or alternatively listen to the Podcasts on Just Talk Campaign’s Podcast Page.

A Kick-starter film commenced filming on Saturday 28th October 2017. The Kickstarter film will be used to raise funds for the proposed Pilot Talk Show ‘Just Talk Productions’ and to help the Just Talk Campaign provide free drop in session groups and low cost counselling within the local community, without the need for waiting lists. The aim is to raise £30,000 to fund the pilot show and to continue to support the work of Just Talk Campaign.

And finally, to top an already amazing year, Just Talk Campaign has had its application to become a registered charity accepted and as a result we have been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1175216.

Just Talk Campaign’s hopes for the future are to continue its excellent work with helping the local community through drop in sessions and individual counselling and to also continue filming the kick-starter film.

We also hope to raise more money to help fund all of the beneficial work we are doing. Jago, one of our Young Ambassadors and Sharon, Co-Founder of the Just Talk Campaign, have volunteered to wing walk on an aeroplane, and perform acrobatics to help raise money for Just Talk Campaign. They will be doing this in the summer of 2018 at Earls Colne. The hope is to raise as much money as we can for Just Talk Campaign. If you would like to sponsor Jago and Sharon and donate to the Just Talk Campaign please donate online via our JustGiving or EasyFundraising pages(Links on our website).

Thank You

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped support us throughout the year, whether that be through donating money or passing on a leaflet to someone in need. Thank you to all the business’s who have sponsored Just Talk Campaign (You can see them here.), you have been a massive help, from providing a Taxi Service for drop in session users to printing leaflets and stickers for Just Talk Campaign. Thank you to everyone who has donated money and to all the people who have helped with fundraising, like Alysan Pilgrim from AAA cabs who very bravely volunteered to have her head shaved to help raise money for Just Talk Campaign at the Sudbury Carnival back in August 2017. And finally a huge thank you for all the Volunteer’s, Committee and Trustee members, and Counsellors, without all of you Just Talk Campaign wouldn’t be running.