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Anti Bullying Week 2017

National Anti Bullying week takes place from the 13th – 17th November. This years theme is ‘All Different, All Equal’.

Bullying doesn’t just take place in school it can happen at work, college too. Anti bullying week helps raise awareness of the effects of bullying and to take a stand against bullying. Bullying doesn’t just affect children it affects adults too.

Bullying can take many forms, verbal threats, physical assault, calling names, gossiping and online bullying (cyberbullying). It is defined as repeated behaviour with intent to hurt another person, physically or emotionally. The effects on the victim can last a lifetime. It can ruin an individuals confidence and self esteem and make them feel vulnerable and alone. It can even lead to people developing a mental health illness such as anxiety or depression and can contribute to self harm and suicidal thoughts.

If you are being bullied or have been bullied and are struggling to cope, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Counselling can offer you the support you need. You can discuss with a counsellor in a safe, confidential and non judgemental environment what is happening, how it makes you feel and what options you have.

Counselling can also help you if you bully someone. There are many reasons that someone will bully someone else, perhaps you are unhappy with something in your life and are taking it out on someone else, or bullying gives you a sense of control when you feel out of control. You may feel that you will get in to trouble for telling someone, but counselling can help you. Your counsellor will work with you to try and uncover the reasons behind your behaviour and help you to stop bullying.