Marks Story



(Talk of Suicide and Self Harm)

Hi my name is Mark Nixon and on the 17th September 2017, I will be running 10k in Bury, Lancashire in order to raise money and more importantly awareness for The Just Talk Campaign and mental health in general. This is my story and why I choose to do the run and why The Just Talk Campaign is the charity of choice. I have been with my partner Aimee for 11 years. We meet while I was still living up north on the internet and for five years we maintained a long distance relationship. We have two beautiful girls together. Keira who is six and Imogen who is five. Imogen has been diagnosed with Global developmental delay and is awaiting to be tested for austism which presents numerous daily challenges

Up to February 2016, I have been in full time employment and working long hard hours, usually six days a week to provide for my family while Aimee stayed at home and was a full time Carer for Imogen. We was a happy loving family. One day I did notice Aimee was a bit low but thought nothing of it and I carried on my normal routine that I did before working a late shift. Aimee had a meeting with our health visitor regarding Imogen and had been gone a while. Four hours had past and I assumed she had gone to a friends house, then out of the blue I had a phone call from the healthy visitor saying she was with Aimee and the family G.P has she had expressed dark thoughts and I should go up immediately. Upon arrival I was advised that the mental health team community team would come out twice a day starting that night.

This happened for four days and no process was made. It was deemed that the only course of action left was to hospital treatment and as she made a attempt of taking her own life she was going to be sectioned. Aimee spent four weeks in Wedgewood hospital and during this time I was still trying to work 40 plus hours a week plus be a full time dad. Things were hard enough then the local authorities become involved and tried to support where they could and put in some safe guard measures for when Aimee was discharged. During her time in Wedgewood Aimee several attempts to take her own life and on one occasion was nearly successful. Thankfully the staff just got there in time and managed to safe her life.

During her stay in hospital my employer at the time, were very supportive and allowed me to work school hours and attend meeting when possible. During this time when I was at work, I came home for some dinner and to check on Aimee to find her in the bathroom. She had taken an overdose of paracetamol and was cutting her wrists. I still can’t tell you want made me take earlier dinner or why I decided to come home instead of using the canteen that day but thankfully I did otherwise I would of come home to find my partner dead. Unfortunately, due to the physical and mental demands on myself I had to leave the job I enjoyed and become a full time career for Aimee. Several family members found the situation to difficult to deal with and decided to walk away and disown Aimee and the family. Unfortunately, this is a sad fact when it comes to mental health.

A couple of weeks past and I ended up in hospital myself. I had stroke like symptoms which lasted for an average 20 minutes then I would be fine. I was taken to West Suffolk and kept in for tests. I tried to discharge myself as I had concerns of who would like after Aimee and the girls but thankfully a friend let them sleep them at their house. After a series of tests I was discharged with an under active thyroid  and referred to a neurologist. After some appointments with him and talking through my experience he advised it was stress related, and advised me to take time out for myself and look after myself as stress can kill. More importantly he told me talk about how I am

feeling. I was massively overweight and worried about my own mental health I decided to get fit and give myself a challenge and a goal to work towards and signed up for the Bury 10k back in my home town. I wanted to run for a mental health charity and help raise awareness as it worries me what we went through and the fact there was no charity or support to talk to. I came across The Just Talk Campaign which helps people get the professional help they need, and I strongly believe that if Just talk was present last year my experience would of been a lot easier and I would of understood everything properly and would of been able to cope  with the situation  better. The Just talk Campaign is a new charity and doesn’t receive external funding so I choose  to try and raise some much needed funds for them as if one person’s uses the service and it saves their life be it someone suffering with mental . or a Carer then it will be worth it.

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