Episode 1: "Picking Up the Pieces"

An introduction to our Podcast show with a First Aid Kit for your emotions and a curated playlist.

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts

Episode 2: "Roots of Empathy"

Episode 2 is about creativity, because Arts should be part of the mental health toolkit.
This Emotional Well-Being podcast will be available as a free download at www.mixcloud.com/uxwbob to explain who we are and what we're doing.
The arts can help those suffering from anxiety. Studies have found those who regularly appreciate art are happier and calmer. The link between art and health has been established for many years. Even back in the 19th century, Florence Nightingale recognised it as a way to help patients recover more quickly.
In this episode we chat creativity. Many of the jobs that we will be dealing with in 10 years time haven't been invented yet. They don't have a name, a salary, a typical career path or a person specification. The world will discover these new jobs only to the extent that creatively gifted people can find space to invent them, using the dazzling array of new technologies now unfurling around us. Creativity, therefore, is no longer an asset to only the so-called “creative industries” — it is now a must-have attribute in every industry.
But, it seems, there's even more to it. Research by Semir Zeki, UCL Prof. of neuroesthetics, suggests enjoying great works of art triggers the same part of your brain as falling in love. While enjoying a painting, you receive a surge in levels of the feel-good hormone, dopamine, resulting in feelings of intense pleasure.
Glenda's Upbuilding song choice is Waltz for Koop Summer Sun.

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts

Episode 3: "Understanding and Managing Anger"

This episode of the Podcast is about emotional literacy. The ability to manage ones emotions, it takes in understanding and managing anger, anger can be one of the strongest and most  destructive emotions that we experience, the challenge then lies in managing it so that it remains under our reasoned control. Anger can be transformative  when channelled in the right way, but also can also be negative if left unchecked. We talk about the firework model and we touch on anger management tips.

Tune into this episode to learn about the dynamic between logical thinking and emotions. Talk Talk Talk but we're doing.............

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts


Episode 4: "Understanding Nutrition - Christmas Show"

Today’s Podcast introduces a few ideas about nutrition. Food and lifestyle choices may help you cope at Christmas by providing the very building blocks for good health and balanced emotions. It’s your food! It’s your choice! It’s your life! Thank you to our Guest Jayne Nelson (Nutritional Therapist) for an inspiring show. Buon Natale.

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts


Episode 5: "Can Music Make You Sick?"

To kick things off in 2018....

Musicians are up to three times more likely to experience depression, with many working under 'poor conditions', a new academic study from Help Musicians UK has found.
The late Amy Winehouse, Chris Cornell and George Michael have spoken about panic attacks while many others still living struggle with anxiety. Can Music Make You Sick commissioned by the charity offers insight into the scale of the health challenges of Britain's music industry. This month, we summarise the findings.

Can Music Make You Sick? summary reports can be viewed here

We're pleased to announce the launch of Music Minds Matter, 24/7 mental health support line and service for the music industry. If you need someone to talk to or need ongoing support, call 0808 802 8008 for free #MusicMindsMatter  www.musicmindsmatter.org.uk

Artwork by Jensen Raggi-Roberts

Episode 6: "The Just Talk Campaign Charity Podcast"

Episode 6 entitled "The Just Talk Campaign Charity Podcast February 2018"
Do you feel alone, unheard or need someone to talk to?
The Just Talk Campaign want you to know that we are here for you and that you are not alone.
Glenda D Roberts who runs the ExploringU Centre for well-being in Sudbury, set up “Just Talk Campaign ”, with fellow colleague Sharon Kendall in 2016 providing drop in sessions at the end of each month, open to all age groups and is free of charge. Trainee counsellors on placement with The Just Talk Campaign are able to counsel clients for a small donation of £5, our aim is to set up hubs around the country.
It is a place where anyone can come along and get the help and support you need and discuss anything that is concerning you in a safe and confidential environment.
The Just Talk Campaign is a registered charity 1175216 call us on: 0330 120 1270 or email us: Info@justtalkcampaign.co.uk
(thank you to all our volunteers) and to Jensen Raggi-Roberts for designing a wonderful poster.