What is Just Talk Campaign?

Just Talk Campaign is a Registered Charity, with Charity Number 1175216.

 It offers free drop in sessions where you can come and talk about anything that is concerning you in a safe and confidential environment.

There is also individual sessions available with Trainee Counsellors who are on placement with The Just Talk Campaign at our Headquarters Unit 8, Borehamgate Shopping Centre King Street, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2EG  


Our Just Talk Campaign Video

Why start Just Talk Campaign?

The suicide of her children’s two friends prompted an award winning business woman to launch drop-in sessions to encourage people to talk about their problems.

Glenda Roberts, who runs the ExploringU Centre for well-being in Sudbury, launched the first “Just Talk” session in October 2016 with Sharon Kendall  and Christine Bassett which was open to all age groups and is free of charge. Ms Roberts, a leading Accredited Psychotherapist, said she had to take action following the recent death of her daughter’s friend. Ten years ago my son’s best friend took his life aged just 13 and it was devastating for everyone involved. When my daughter’s friend took her own life recently, aged just 18, I just thought, oh no, not again. I decided I had to do something. In my field of work I know so many suicides and other conditions such as depression can be avoided or made better if people just talked to someone about their problems. This is why I have decided to launch the free drop-in sessions which will be available to  the local community.

There are many people within the community who are feeling alone and unheard and desperately need someone to talk to. I believe everyone has the right to be heard and to have someone they can trust.

We want those people to know we are here for them, we are offering a safe and friendly environment where people of any age or background can just come and talk freely about any issue they may have.

Young Ambassadors

Just Talk Campaign has trained up Young Ambassadors to visit Schools, Colleges and Universities around the country with the goal of reaching out to Younger People who feel unable to talk about their issues. They aim to encourage Young people to talk about any problems they are facing and to understand their own emotional wellbeing better.

If you are a school or college and wish for our Young Ambassadors to visit and hold a talk for your pupils then please contact us here.

You can read about what our Ambassadors are up to here.

Taxi Service

We are able to arrange a Taxi Service with AAA cabs for you, that will pick you up and drop you off at our Just Talk Sessions and then drop you off home again.

If you feel you would benefit from this service then please contact us.

If you have any other questions  please see our FAQ.